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Post by Vega on Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:19 pm

Though on the smaller side of Meopra's settlements, Vashkubar is great and
powerful. The inhabitants are majorly made up of the resilient Nedeeron, as the forest
city is where they have made their home. Never before has the wilderness of the
Yholn Forest until the Floating city, as this place is widely known, was created.

The size of this settlement makes calling it a city almost insulting to other cities, but
the citizens would have it no other way. It is filled with a proud, honorable race, and it
is often thought to be nearly invisible to those who don't know how to find it.

Vashkubar is built in an unforgiving forest environment, so making it far enough through
the forest to find the hidden settlement is practically impossible without a group of people
and a guide who has been there before.

Even if you were to get there, there's a high likelihood that you would not be welcomed
with open arms. Vashkubar is secret for a reason, and there are only two times through
the entire year that the people will open their arms to any and all races. For the rest of
the year, it's best not to try to enter the floating city without having a trusted citizen with

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