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Post by Vega on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:54 pm

Meopra is a gathering of creative individuals in a fantasy setting apart from Earth.
The content of this site may include themes deemed inappropriate or disturbing for
children (violence, substance abuse, sexual themes, etc.), but they are required to
be marked as such for other players to avoid. We come here because it offers a
creative outlet, a warm community, and an escape from the real world into one of
fantastical possibilities. That being said, real life is difficult enough without bringing
the many of those problems into the Meopra World.


  • Please make sure everything you bring onto this site is original. Taking other people's work is not only offensive and hurtful, but it's just plain lazy.
  • Treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated! It's the "golden rule" for a reason, people. Be respectful to the admin, mods, and all of the other players.
  • Posting should be kept reasonably within the setting. It's an original world with original races and locations, so please keep it that way.
  • The only criticism given should be constructive and said with praise. All writers know that writing is hard!
  • Post using only the English language to avoid as much confusion as possible, though there are some original languages on site that you can play with.
  • We run on liquid time here, meaning you can have as many plots going with one character as you'd like. It's up to you to keep track of your own characters' timelines.
  • Above all else, have fun!

Bad Stuff!

We try to avoid inappropriate subject matter as much as possible, as there are people who wouldn't want to come across this type of material. Some inappropriate subjects include:

  • Real world politics and political propaganda
  • Real world religion and religious propaganda
  • Real world social issues
  • Real world illegal activities (such as recreational drug use or underage drinking)
  • Hacking/Piracy/etc.
  • Plagiarism. It's offensive, hurtful, and lazy! Don't copy anyone else's work without giving proper credit to the original artist/writer/etc.
  • RACISM and HARASSMENT - This will not be tolerated at all! This includes jokes, slurs, or real world offensive or derogatory material.
  • Pornography. Images, links, etc. won't be tolerated.
  • Excessive profanity - Just keep it PG-13, everyone. It's not always necessary.
  • Advertising for anything personal, products, services, other sites, etc. without the permission of the admin.

Time-Out Corner

The admin and staff reserve the right to remove (i.e. ban) any user whom they feel is not a good fit in the community. No one wants to make it so someone can not enjoy the site, but inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated. The staff wants to ensure everyone on site has a safe environment free of inappropriate and illegal material.

We strive to create a supportive, friendly atmosphere. If guidelines are not followed, members will be informed of the violation and warned against repetition. All subject matter containing violations will be deleted. If the offenses continue, that member will no longer be permitted to post on the forums.

Other users are encouraged to report any suspected violations of the rules to the admin or staff. We will do everything we can to help players understand the rules and get along with one another, but there are times when swifter action is needed.

No one is here to "police" behavior; we simply want to make sure everyone can enjoy the community.

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