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RPG Words/Phrases to Know Empty RPG Words/Phrases to Know

Post by Vega on Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:26 pm

This information is relatively common throughout most, if not all, of the
role-playing sites and games out there. You'll probably see this stuff pop up all over
the site and chat, so if you don't already know the common role-play terms, here's
your chance to learn!

  1. OOC: Out of Character. Used when you, the player, would like to make a comment or note outside of the actual role-playing.

  2. IC/BIC: In Character/Back in Character. Used after making an OOC comment to let other players know you've returned to posting as your character.

  3. RPG/RP/RPing/RPer: Role-Play Game/Role-Play/Role-Playing/Role-Player

  4. NPC: Non-Player Character. This is basically a free-for-all character. It belongs to no one; anyone can play it. They're there for atmosphere.

  5. NJC: Non-Joined Character. NJCs differ from NPCs in that they're characters that, like a real joined character, are created and played by a specific players. They're like secondary characters in a novel.

  6. Power-playing/God-moding/God-modding: This involves controlling another player's character(s) in some way, shape, or form. Also included under power-playing is invincibility of your own characters - not taking hits in battle, all-powerful characters, etc.

  7. Meta-gaming: This is when OOC information is transferred to the characters, even though the character has not yet learned the information in the plot.

  8. Auto-killing: When a character is killed without permission.

  9. Hit-calling: When your character performs an attack that connects with its opponent without stating damage. The damage is decided by the player receiving it, and they may choose to not accept the damage/dodge the attack.

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