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Post by Vega on Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:57 am

The Nedeer race (plural, Nedeeron) is made up of elf-like people. Their physiology
is highly advanced after years of enhancement through matching the perfect genes.

On average, male Nedeeron stands between 6' and 7'3" with a weight between 150lbs
(68kg) and 250lbs (113kg) of lean muscle. The average female Nedeer stands between
5'9" and 6'3" with a weight of 140lbs (64kg) and 200lbs (91kg). Those who are
overweight tend to be seen as undesirable and "damaged" until they reach the ideal build,
as life in the city of Vashkubar is difficult and requires a peak physical condition.

Their skin is typically a deep blue color, ranging from a rich cobalt to a midnight navy,
sometimes -if not usually - being mistaken for pure black. Though typically thought to be
rarer, shades of deep green and violet do occur in the Nedeer society. It is an older belief,
but some born with skin of a deep crimson shade are thought to be cursed by the gods and
are treated with more care, as life has it out for them.

If the skin and physical build are not enough to identify the Nedeer, their hair surely would
be. All of them are born with white, silver, or grey hair - sometimes, a combination of the
colors. The men typically keep their hair short, while the women will usually be seen with
some kind of updo to keep their hair out of their face.

The eyes are another solid identifier, as they shift colors depending on the time of day.
Nedeer eyes are completely white during the day and completely black during the night.
They have no pupils evident, and it is impossible to tell which way they are looking, since
you can not tell where their eyes are positioned just by looking at them. They also have a
specialized lens that sweeps across their eyes any time they want to give them infravision whenever they desire. This isn't something they use often, but it proves very effective
during hunts.

Common Traits

Nedeeron all share a love of tattoos. The vinemarks are special to the
Nedeer, meaning no other race is capable of obtaining them, unless there are special

The vinemarks signify that one is a full member of the Nedeer society, which happens
when one is chosen by a nectorial. Age has no factor in when the bird
and the Nedeer bond, but tattooing is done immediately after the bond is complete.

Should you want to play a non-Nedeer character with vinemarks, there are certain things that must be worked out with the Founder and/or the Moderator in charge of Vashkubar. Vinemarks are a cultural and racial dress, so other races with these sacred tattoos without any ties to the Nedeeron would be seen as appropriating the culture in a disrespectful manner. Like it is stated before, special circumstances do arise and the staff are more than happy to work with you to try to make your character work the way you'd like him/her to.

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